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Imagination Squared! A Creative Response Experiment

This project was designed to engage the artists as well as the non-artists of Jacksonville, FL. I initiated this special 4 month experiment with a sculptor in Jacksonville, Dolf James. We offered 5" wood squares to anyone willing to embellish them with a simple caveat: squares would not be returned and would be exhibited as a collaboration publicly. We posted updates on facebook from April 1-July1.

By the due date for participation, 910 people had dropped off their squares. The results were staggering. The Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville exhibited Imagination Squared in their first floor atrium on September 1, 2010. Despite thunderstorms, nearly 5000 people lined the streets of Jacksonville to get into a standing room only, record-breaking opening for the museum. The momentum united a cultural scene in a city hindered by massive land areas, unprecedentedly connecting Amelia Island to Orange Park to St. Augustine and Ponte Vedra.

In March 2011, we gave the exhibition as a gift to the City of Jacksonville and it permanently hangs in the Jacksonville Main Library in the Concourse next to City Hall.



Photo credit: Douglas Eng Photography